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A Unique Approach – A Thought-Provoking Conversation with Rachael Wonderlin

Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episodes now: Rachael Wonderlin, a published author and dementia care expert, is beyond knowledgeable in the dementia care world. Rachael runs a company, Dementia by Day, which provides content to help others learn more about dementia care. She begins her journey with roots just outside of Philadelphia, where she gained her [...]

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Services for Senior Loved Ones – No Matter Where They Call Home

You moved mom into a senior living community, so she can get the care she needs… but is she getting ALL the care she needs? Whether independent living or assisted living… our senior living partners deliver exceptional service to their residents. There are times, however, when some residents may need a little extra attention - and that’s where we [...]

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Exercise Shouldn’t Take a Winter Break

Between COVID-19 and wicked winter weather, it’s often difficult for older people to get the exercise they need - but, now more than ever, it’s important to keep your senior moving. Regular exercise can help your aging loved one: Lose a few pounds or maintain a healthy weight Reduce the impact of illness and chronic diseases like high blood [...]

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Leadership Lessons – A Discussion With Purpose Driven Leader, Mike Frank

Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episodes now: Part 1: Part 2: When Mike Frank reflects on his career, he fights the urge to discuss his excitement of the future over his past accomplishments, this is the mark of a true leader. Wisdom is defined by some as a “skill in living” and we are [...]

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Don’t Let the Pandemic Put You Out of Business

The Cost of the Pandemic From additional personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies to staffing and overtime… the cost of doing business during the pandemic could put many senior living providers out of business. A recent survey conducted by the American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) showed 56 percent of assisted living operators believe [...]

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The Home Care Advantage

Admissions are down… expenses are up. The pandemic has taken a toll on the senior living industry - forcing many providers to take a hard look at their current operations and rethink the way they do business - especially when it comes to in-home services. In a recent article in Home HealthCare News, Harvard professor and researcher David Grabowski [...]

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HomeCare Hub Podcast: Mark Goetz, President and CEO of The HomeCare Advocacy Network

Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episode now: Mark and Sierra created HCAN from a desire to share and connect cultures within entrepreneurs, aging services leaders and HCAN. The desire to democratize the home services franchised model of care and provide a business format that allows for others to succeed not only excites them but feeds their [...]

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Caregiving and the Caregiving “Shortage” with Aaron Blight

Caregiving and the Caregiving “Shortage” with Aaron Blight Dr. Aaron Blight, author of “When Caregiving Calls: Guidance As You Care for a Parent, Spouse or Aging Relative” Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episode now: You are not alone. Caregivers experience burden when they are involved with care activities that are inconsistent with their familial identity.  This [...]

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Senior Living and the Coronavirus Response with Patrice Thabault

Senior Living and the Coronavirus Response Eye on Experience with HCAN Corporate Trainer - Patrice Thabault Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episode now: Patrice Thabault has always known how to overcome. Brought up in New England and an avid Pats fan in a big family, she has always been a fighter. Her family has battled everything [...]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Become a Caregiver

Are you looking for a flexible schedule that will allow you to be home with your children before and after school or take your aging loved ones to doctor’s appointments? Do you need a part-time job while finishing your education? Are you a retired professional looking for a meaningful way to give back to others in your community? If [...]

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Looking Back with Pride… Looking Ahead with Optimism!

A little more than a year ago, Sierra and I took a leap of faith and embarked on a new journey - founding the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). While we expected a few bumps in the road, we never dreamed we would be growing a business during a global pandemic. However, with the support of loving family members, dedicated [...]

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4 Reasons Why Home Care Makes Sense for Senior Living Providers

Because home care offers 1:1 care wherever clients live, the size of the CCAH provider’s workforce grows exponentially with the increases in the number of clients served. Direct care aides may be deployed in the facility setting or in the geographically dispersed homes of clients. Strong Human Resources functions are paramount to the ongoing viability of the CCAH provider. [...]

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Brighten the Holidays for Your Senior Loved Ones

These Holidays Are Unlike Any Other - Especially for Aging Loved Ones Even under normal circumstances, it’s not unusual for seniors to experience feelings of loss, loneliness, and isolation during the holidays. But this year, because of COVID-19, many are also coping with community lockdowns, travel limitations, and visitor restrictions. As challenging as the circumstances might be, there are [...]

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How to Start Continuous Care at Home (CCAH)

Continuous Care at Home: An Unprecedented Opportunity Senior living providers have an unprecedented opportunity to establish a CCAH service and enter the home care market with the support and guidance of an experienced franchisor. The Home Care Advocacy Network (HCAN), led by executives from both senior living and home care industries, was created to guide and support senior living [...]

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The HCAN Vision – Part 2

Home Is Both a Privilege and a Gift As a family caregiver, there were some big things that my father-in-law had going for him when his wife was diagnosed with Dementia. Previously I shared that our belief is that home is a gift and that if you are a family caregiver, your ability to deliver “home” to a loved [...]

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The HCAN Vision – Part 1

HCAN Inspiration 49 years old and diagnosed with dementia, that was my mother in law. It was 2003 and consequently, I had just started at a home care company here in Omaha, NE. My father in law had decisions to make, BIG life decisions. He was 50 years old, facing a future he could not have predicted or even [...]

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Redefine YOU – Expand Your Footprint

What Can Senior Living Providers Learn From Restaurants? Restaurants have known FOR YEARS that to have a successful restaurant you should also have a catering service. People get a taste of your food, they enjoy it and then they come to your establishment. Now, restaurants have gone even further to “micro” deliveries with UberEats, etc. Restaurants that create these [...]

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Redefine YOU – Don’t Just Brace for the Wave

In 1999 I took My First Trip to Hawaii. Being from the Midwest, I had not been to the ocean very often. Needless to say, I was enamored. We stayed on the Island of Maui and on day 1 all members of our group found out the power of the ocean. We stayed across from what was supposed to [...]

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Covid-19 and the Residential Setting for Home Care

Covid-19 has been a challenge like no other we have ever seen globally. Things will get better and we will establish what the experts are calling “the next normal” but in the meantime, we have guidance and much to consider. The HomeCare Advocacy Network in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control wishes for you to understand a number [...]

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Why Home Care for Senior Living Providers?

The rise of home care impacts the senior living industry insofar as potential new residents are diverted from facilities because they hire home care providers to receive home-based care. The top 16 franchised home care providers produced $7 billion in revenue in 2017 of which an estimated $2.5 - $3 billion occurred on a senior living campus. CCAH services [...]

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The Home Care Advantage

Home Care Services employ 200% more direct care workers than personal care aides in nursing and AL settings, residential living settings. Think about it, both settings are very closely aligned and synergistic even. Both camps serve seniors who need assistance, everything from companionship to personal care services. The average service hours in the home care industry per client hover [...]

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Senior Living Organizations Moving Into Senior Services – a few reasons why you should do this NOW instead of later

THE GROWTH OF AGING POPULATION In 2019, for the first time in human history, there are more people over age 65 than under age 5. The number of people over age 65 will dramatically increase over the rest of the century, while the number of children under age 5 will remain constant. Till 2030, 10,000 older adults a day [...]

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HCAN and Social Isolation

For years, home care operators have intuitively known that social isolation leads to poor health outcomes in seniors. COVID-19 has brought this reality to the forefront. Self-reported social isolation among seniors may be predictive of hospitalizations and ED visits as shared in this article. Home care services accomplish a number of outcomes. Helping seniors feel connected, like they have [...]

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“Right-Sizing the Game”: What Senior Living Providers Can Learn From the Colorado USTA

If there is a sport that is challenging to play, it’s tennis.  I have been watching tennis all my life and I still don’t quite get it.  You see it on tv, there is a racket and a ball, easy enough seemingly to hit.  Then there are the complications that come with the game of tennis.  Line judges, volleys, [...]

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This Is Home Care

Vince Lombardi held up a football and told his players, “this is a football.” If I were to say, “this is home care,” what do you think we would be holding up? Today still, we would hold up a caregiver. Caregivers ARE home care - simply. All other modalities flow from the caregiver-client relationship. Care at home is changing [...]

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