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Seven Needs of a Home Care Employee

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At the Home Care Advocacy Network, we know caregiving is not just a job - it’s a calling. Because it takes extraordinary people to do the job, finding and then keeping qualified employees is critical to a company’s success. To help with retention, many companies pursue data-driven models, which is important. However, because this [...]

Surviving the Pandemic – Growing Your Business Without Adding Brick and Mortar

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To say it’s been a tough year for senior living providers would be an understatement. According to new data from Argentum, a leading national senior living association senior living providers have lost more than $15.4 billion because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to record low occupancy rates, providers have incurred significant losses as [...]

Dive Into the Data with Greg Elsberry

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Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episode now: Greg Elsberry, Vice President of Business Development for Cole Information, is an expert when it comes to data and marketing strategies. Greg has been working with Cole Information for five and a half years but prior to that, he spent his time in the [...]

Five Tips to Help Your Senior Eat Healthier

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It’s National Nutrition Month - a great time to make sure your senior loved one has healthy eating habits and is getting the nutrients they need. A healthy, well-balanced diet can help your senior maintain a healthy weight, stay energized and lower the risk of developing chronic health conditions, such as heart disease and [...]

Planning for the Unknown with Jim Christensen

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Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episodes now: Jim Christensen, an expert in the life insurance industry, runs an agency whose focus is on financial planning, retirement, and planning for unknown events in life. Jim is the definition of a ‘true Nebraskan', having grown up in Omaha, he always loved the environment [...]

A Unique Approach – A Thought-Provoking Conversation with Rachael Wonderlin

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Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episodes now: Rachael Wonderlin, a published author and dementia care expert, is beyond knowledgeable in the dementia care world. Rachael runs a company, Dementia by Day, which provides content to help others learn more about dementia care. She begins her journey with roots just outside of [...]

Services for Senior Loved Ones – No Matter Where They Call Home

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You moved mom into a senior living community, so she can get the care she needs… but is she getting ALL the care she needs? Whether independent living or assisted living… our senior living partners deliver exceptional service to their residents. There are times, however, when some residents may need a little extra attention [...]

Exercise Shouldn’t Take a Winter Break

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Between COVID-19 and wicked winter weather, it’s often difficult for older people to get the exercise they need - but, now more than ever, it’s important to keep your senior moving. Regular exercise can help your aging loved one: Lose a few pounds or maintain a healthy weight Reduce the impact of illness and [...]

Leadership Lessons – A Discussion With Purpose Driven Leader, Mike Frank

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Listen to the HomeCare Hub podcast episodes now: Part 1: Part 2: When Mike Frank reflects on his career, he fights the urge to discuss his excitement of the future over his past accomplishments, this is the mark of a true leader. Wisdom is defined by some as a “skill [...]

Don’t Let the Pandemic Put You Out of Business

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The Cost of the Pandemic From additional personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies to staffing and overtime… the cost of doing business during the pandemic could put many senior living providers out of business. A recent survey conducted by the American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) showed 56 percent [...]