Finding a Purpose Can Reduce the Risk of Loneliness

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Finding a Purpose Can Reduce the Risk of Loneliness Does your job offer more than a paycheck? A new study shows that living a purposeful life can stave off loneliness - especially in older adults. That’s why professional caregiving may be a great option for seniors who are interested in an encore career.  Embracing [...]

To Our Caregivers – Thank You

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Elevate the Privilege of Caregiving At the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN), we’re committed to elevating the privilege of caregiving - it’s one of our five core values.  “Our caregivers are amazing. They’re rock stars. They’re the heart and hands of our organization,” said Mark Goetz, co-founder and president of HCAN. “We’re beyond grateful for [...]

Honoring Family Caregivers

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Honoring Family Caregivers Did you know… Across the U.S., nearly 38 million Americans (about 11% of the population) are taking care of loved ones with chronic, disabling or serious health conditions.  60% of family caregivers also have full- or part-time jobs.  30% of all caregivers are caring for two generations. The majority of caregivers [...]

Using Paid Leave to Care for Aging Loved Ones

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Using Paid Leave to Care for Aging Loved Ones You used a half day of paid leave to take your dad to an appointment with his cardiologist. After a hospital stay, you used five days of paid leave to help your mom transition back home. Sound familiar? Sandwich Generation A new study shows men [...]

7 Ways to Manage Caregiver Stress

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7 Ways to Manage Caregiver Stress You missed an important meeting at work, because your mom fell in the shower. You left your son’s big soccer game to take your dad to a doctor’s appointment. You forgot to make cookies for your daughter’s school bake sale, because you were busy making dinner for your [...]

Jump-Start Your Health Care Career

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Are you thinking about a career in health care? Would you like to gain valuable experience while completing your education? If so, professional caregiving might be the job for you. Perfect Job for Students “Caregiving is the perfect job for busy students - especially those who working toward a career as a nurse, physical [...]

Hiring the Right Caregiver

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Hiring the Right Caregiver Your mom is failing - having trouble keeping up with day-to-day tasks like laundry, housekeeping and meal preparation. She needs assistance… but not assisted living. “The overwhelming majority of seniors want to remain in their homes as they age, and with in-home care, they can do that,” said Sierra Goetz, [...]

Five Reasons Why Caregiving is Meaningful

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Five Reasons Why Caregiving is Meaningful Are you looking for a job that provides more than a paycheck? If so, you might want to consider a career in professional caregiving.  “At the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN), we understand the power of compassionate caregiving. For us, caregiving is so much more than a job - [...]

Are You Ready for an Encore Career?

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Are You Ready for an Encore Career? You worked hard.  You achieved your professional goals.  You saved enough money to retire early and comfortably.  You love traveling, playing golf and spending time with your family, but you’re also looking for more - maybe a meaningful encore career. “Professional caregiving is a great option for [...]

Family Caregiving by the Numbers

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Family Caregiving by the Numbers Are you currently caring for an aging loved one? If so, you’re definitely not alone.  According to the most recent Caregiving in the U.S. report, nearly one in five (19%) Americans are currently providing care to an adult with health or functional needs. The report also notes that: 24% [...]

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