Helping You Thrive at Home With the HomeCare Advocacy Network.

Helping You Thrive at Home With the HomeCare Advocacy Network.


The HomeCare Advocacy Network delivers what people need to live their best life. Our nationally recognized services are what make HCAN the premier provider of home care related benefits and services.

We enable local franchise owners to leverage the HCAN brand. We are passionate about empowering you to bring the best continuing care at home to senior citizens who need it!


Meet our team of highly-skilled, experienced, and passionate professionals. With years of experience in homecare, we have assembled strong partners, ready to empower a new wave of caregivers in this changing industry.

Expert Care at Home

We take care of seniors! The AARP found that 90%+ of seniors want to “age in place,” requiring more home care agency services. As the world’s senior population grows, so will the need for senior home care services.

HCAN Values

To be the foremost provider of meaningful and results-oriented home care connections for seniors and their loved ones.

Arming today’s spectrum of Caregiving Associates with hope, high-impact resources, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

1. Pursue the genuine success of others
2. Elevate the privilege of caregiving
3. Embrace innovation
4. Prioritize relationship over task
5. Treat each other with dignity and respect