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The HCAN Vision – Part 2

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Home Is Both a Privilege and a Gift As a family caregiver, there were some big things that my father-in-law had going for him when his wife was diagnosed with Dementia. Previously I shared that our belief is that home is a gift and that if you are a family caregiver, your ability to [...]

The HCAN Vision – Part 1

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HCAN Inspiration 49 years old and diagnosed with dementia, that was my mother in law. It was 2003 and consequently, I had just started at a home care company here in Omaha, NE. My father in law had decisions to make, BIG life decisions. He was 50 years old, facing a future he could [...]

Redefine YOU – Expand Your Footprint

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What Can Senior Living Providers Learn From Restaurants? Restaurants have known FOR YEARS that to have a successful restaurant you should also have a catering service. People get a taste of your food, they enjoy it and then they come to your establishment. Now, restaurants have gone even further to “micro” deliveries with UberEats, [...]

Redefine YOU – Don’t Just Brace for the Wave

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In 1999 I took My First Trip to Hawaii. Being from the Midwest, I had not been to the ocean very often. Needless to say, I was enamored. We stayed on the Island of Maui and on day 1 all members of our group found out the power of the ocean. We stayed across [...]

Covid-19 and the Residential Setting for Home Care

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Covid-19 has been a challenge like no other we have ever seen globally. Things will get better and we will establish what the experts are calling “the next normal” but in the meantime, we have guidance and much to consider. The HomeCare Advocacy Network in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control wishes for [...]

Why Home Care for Senior Living Providers?

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The rise of home care impacts the senior living industry insofar as potential new residents are diverted from facilities because they hire home care providers to receive home-based care. The top 16 franchised home care providers produced $7 billion in revenue in 2017 of which an estimated $2.5 - $3 billion occurred on a [...]

This Is Home Care

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Vince Lombardi held up a football and told his players, “this is a football.” If I were to say, “this is home care,” what do you think we would be holding up? Today still, we would hold up a caregiver. Caregivers ARE home care - simply. All other modalities flow from the caregiver-client relationship. [...]