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When Mike Frank reflects on his career, he fights the urge to discuss his excitement of the future over his past accomplishments, this is the mark of a true leader. Wisdom is defined by some as a “skill in living” and we are grateful to Mike for sharing his wisdom with the HomeCare Advocacy Network. Wisdom is gained by what bodybuilders know as “time under tension” and this, complemented by an attitude of learning and a spirit of adventure, is the Mike Frank of today.

Mike’s beginnings were in Carroll, IA. Carroll and the surrounding area is second only to Harlan, IA as one of the great small towns in Iowa. Mike’s family grew up owning and operating their own small business in Carroll but Mike was destined for the “big” city when he was accepted into Creighton. Mike’s aptitude for business and relationship building was evident while at Creighton, the seedling of a great educational experience helped Mike grow into the man he is today.

Mike sees the disruption of today as the opportunity for tomorrow. Mike has seen disruption throughout his career and has never been afraid of it. From his time at Pepsi and Disney to the tech start-up culture in Omaha, NE in the 1990s, disruption created the most opportunities for him. Mike was the head of HR at Disney, on the leadership team with then CEO, Michael Eisner. He led all of the downstream employees at Disney, secure in his role. He found himself however retired 10 years after his time at Disney because of calculated risks taken. One of the next companies that Mike helped lead basically developed the infrastructure that the world’s current internet is built on. The internet has become second nature to us now, however, at the time the future was not as clear for the future and how the world 2.0 was going to operate. The rest, for Mike Frank, is history.

We are in an era of great disruption, are you taking advantage of the current circumstances and running after change and disruption? Mike Frank now spends his time working with leaders in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors who are going after positive changes and terraforming this new world, new environment. Mike’s life has not been without hardship and challenge as you will hear and learn, giving him license to encourage and instruct. His book, Prosperity With Purpose will inspire and encourage you no matter where you find yourself on your own journey. Gaining that same excitement and enthusiasm for the future is critical to injecting hope in your own life as well as others, a real key to happiness no matter your season of life.

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