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Mark and Sierra created HCAN from a desire to share and connect cultures within entrepreneurs, aging services leaders and HCAN. The desire to democratize the home services franchised model of care and provide a business format that allows for others to succeed not only excites them but feeds their energy on a daily basis. Seeing others grow, succeed and serve in again services is extremely fulfilling.

Born out of their family’s experience with caregiving, their professional experience working in recruiting, sales and aging services, they created HomeCare Advocacy Network. HCAN’s motto for their senior living partners is quickly becoming “if you’re not providing services to your future residents, someone else is”. HCAN leaders have run successful home care businesses and have been on the side of “partnering” with senior living providers. HCAN supports entrepreneurs who want to own their own home care business as well, still a great opportunity for those who want to own their own business and control their own destiny professionally.

Every great company begins with a great story and fills a critical need, the senior living-home care connection is a critical need for a very important industry. Having had to send residents “home”in 2020 and operate with a higher degree of specialization and care, HCAN is ready to help senior living meet the challenges of the industry head-on. Senior living is in a position where providers would benefit greatly by owning and operating their own captive home care company, build a strategic marketing partnership with their own marketing division, service on and OFF campus clients while limiting the number of outside companies coming onto their own campus and building value in a new or refreshed service line. Many senior living companies have tried home care in the past and have diligently and with the best of intentions put a square peg in a round hole operationally. Oftentimes, the home care business is forced to operate with antiquated or inappropriate systems for a 24/7 service business and the well-intentioned initiative is put under immediate strain. These are all specific challenges that owning your own supported by HCAN business solves.

Entrepreneurs who are supported by HCAN for their market development get the opportunity to enjoy the same high-quality support that any franchisee in the home care industry has come to enjoy and then some. With HCAN, both lines of business are supported by their deep-experience corporate team. Being able to call or email someone credible to help you think through a decision or challenge in your business is critical to your success in home. Well supported franchisees and locations is paramount with HCAN.

What drives Mark and Sierra and their team are the values that have shaped them. Their professional drive is to help others reach their life goals in business ownership while providing an opportunity for others to do good. HCAN gives those interested and with an aptitude for aging services the opportunity to succeed, lead and grow. That’s what life is all about after all!