Home Care Services employ 200% more direct care workers than personal care aides in nursing and AL settings, residential living settings. Think about it, both settings are very closely aligned and synergistic even. Both camps serve seniors who need assistance, everything from companionship to personal care services.

The average service hours in the home care industry per client hover near 120 hours per month. Some clients needing more hours, some in the rare case, need less. Senior living organizations benefit directly from the aforementioned scenario when they participate in having their own in-home services agency and service. By the numbers, there are 2x the number of personal care assistants in the home care world. When a senior living organization utilizes the Supported by HCAN model, they get a number benefits that come with their expansion of mission.

I share with you three of those here:

1.  Access to 2x the number of caregivers they have working in their organization.  Caregivers (HCAN Care Advocates) oftentimes work in home care settings because they get the opportunity to focus on the relationship with the client.  In many care settings, tasks rule the day, preventing them from spending one on one time with the client.  Also, when you build your own in home care staff you have greater opportunity to decrease the reliance of your organization on emergency staffing.  You will begin to build your own emergency staffing team, this creates a competitive advantage that others do not have.

2.  More people in your organization doing good for others and expanding mission.  When your services move off of your campus into the homes of your future residents your organization naturally becomes more sought after in your community.  Instead of being “destination” oriented only, you enter the “path” and bring greater flexibility to build relationships with families and your future residents.

3.  It’s a no-lose situation.  It’s not a win-win situation it’s a no-lose situation when you pursue expanding your mission with a competitive, local in-home services business. For years senior living has been a consumer of services, a partner with agencies wanting to serve while threatening the long term viability of senior living, slowly stealing market share.  At HCAN we believe it is time to move forward, compete and create a new future.

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