Honor Technology has acquired home care giant Home Instead.

It was big news. It shook the industry. And it also reinforced what we knew when we founded the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). Innovation is fueling unprecedented growth in the home care industry.

At HCAN, our innovative approach is helping senior living providers successfully enter the home care arena with innovation. Delivering in-home services on- and off-campus.

“In our line of sight, senior living is poised to become the largest provider of in-home services over the next 10 – 15 years,” said Mark Goetz, president of HCAN. “They have a passion for service. They have the infrastructure and the staff. And they have a trusted name. What they often don’t have are the systems and processes needed to deliver in-home services effectively and efficiently. That’s where we come in.”

Our experienced team knows that in order to be successful, providers can’t just add home care as an ancillary line. They, instead, need to establish a dedicated home care arm that’s separate. Complementary, to their senior living offerings. With HCAN’s unique business format franchising partnership, we help senior living providers build a new division. And taking advantage of the traditional home care model that’s proven to be very successful.

Todays Innovation

“If senior living providers aren’t providing home care to current and future residents, someone else is,” Goetz said. “We’re helping providers reshape their funnel – establishing relationships with families early on in their senior care journey and paving the way for the eventual transition into their community.”

Earlier this year, we began a franchise partnership with Bickford Senior Living, working with its team to offer in-home services through four of its branches – two in Chicago, one in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area, and one in the Muscatine/Quad Cities market.

“Home care will be a significant part of our organization’s future because it complements what we already do so well,” said Alan Fairbanks, executive vice president of operations at Bickford Senior Living. “We look forward to extending the love and care we give our residents out into the community, as well.”

In today’s competitive environment, senior living providers are missing an opportunity if they’re not providing in-home services. With HCAN’s help, they can control their own destiny and strengthen their long-term viability.

To learn how we can help you successfully expand your business without adding brick and mortar. Give us a call at (402) 359-1996 or shoot us an email at partner@hcanthrive.com.