What does it take to be an HCAN franchises partner?

“We don’t sell franchises at HCAN, we award them,” said Aaron McMartin, HCAN’s Vice President of Development. “When evaluating candidates, we look for passion… is it there? Is the culture fit there? Do they remind me of our other franchisees? Do they remind me of our executive team? Are they passionate about doing this? Or are they just looking for another business – a way to make money? There are thousands of franchise concepts that will allow them to make money. We need people who are a great fit culturally – those that will plug into what we’re doing and expand our vision – who will be an extension of who we are.”

McMartin said he’s very direct with candidates, so they know what to expect if they’re awarded a franchise or franchises.

“I want them to have a very clear idea of what a day in the life of a franchisee is like. They need to know what their day will look like and what their week or month will look like,” he said. “We go through that in such detail that they’ll know if there’s something they don’t feel comfortable with or don’t think they’ll be very good at. They can really start to envision what’s going to lie ahead.”

To be a great fit with the HCAN model, McMartin also looks for people who will follow the process.

“If I hear someone say ‘that’s the first thing I would change if I get into this business’, that’s a red flag for me,” he said. “Why would you want to change anything? You’re paying a percentage of your income to this organization. You should not go in wanting to change things right away. That’s a huge thing.”

McMartin said the evaluation process typically includes eight to 10 steps that will help him and the candidate identify potential points of failure or areas where more experience might be needed.

“It’s a mutual evaluation. We evaluate them, just like they evaluate us,” he said. “We have to agree that it’s a great fit for everyone.”

McMartin and HCAN’s President Mark Goetz agree – the time is right for senior living to start competing with traditional home care franchises. 

“In our line of sight, senior living is poised to become the largest provider of in-home services over the next 10 to 15 years,” Goetz said. “We believe they can overtake the market, and we’re really excited about that. Being able to empower them is really exciting.”  

It’s not a fit for every organization. However, McMartin said the synergy between senior living and home care is fantastic.

“They have the infrastructure, the staff, and a trusted name. They have the same mission – of trying to do good. It’s already in their DNA,” he said. “With HCAN, they don’t have to be great at-home care. This is because they can plug into our system – a system that brings greatness with it. We give them everything they need to be successful.”

If you think you have what it takes to be an HCAN franchises partner, we would love to talk with you. Give us a call at (402) 359-1996 or shoot us an email at partner@hcanthrive.com.