We started the HomeCare Advocacy Network with the intention of disrupting both the home care and senior living industries, because we know there’s a better way.

And we’re not alone.

As long-term care expert David Grabowski explains in this Home Health Care News podcast, home health care, community-based care, and skilled nursing CAN and, more importantly, SHOULD co-exist.

“I really have called for both investment in-home- and community-based services and in the reimagining of nursing homes,” he said. “Once again, I don’t view those as opposing goals. I view them as complementary. We need to set up a spectrum or system of services that meet the needs of individuals who receive care in the community but also those who might need to receive care in an institutional setting.”

At HCAN, we’re helping senior living providers adapt to this new way of thinking – offering a white label franchise option that will allow them to effectively deliver best-in-class home care to current and future residents. As a franchise partner, we provide the world-class training, structure, and system support needed to help providers achieve their goals, including:

  • Business training
  • Brand development guidance
  • Marketing instruction
  • Financial and human resources support
  • Operational software

Our team also provides ongoing support to help our senior living partners overcome day-to-day challenges and take advantage of every opportunity. We will be on-site a minimum of three times the first year, two times the second, and one time the third to ensure continued success. 

With our model, providers also are encouraged to compete with other home care agencies by extending services off-campus. This will allow them to establish relationships with families early on in their senior care journey – paving the way for the eventual transition into their community.

Working with our senior living partners, we can accomplish what we set out to do – disrupting both industries to improve the quality of care and ensure the success of their communities.

To learn more about our senior living provider franchise option and how it can help you grow your business, contact us at partner@hcanthrive.com or 402.359.1996