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Caregiving and the Caregiving “Shortage” with Aaron Blight

Theme – Caregiving and the caregiving “shortage”1
Guest – Dr. Aaron Blight, author of “When Caregiving Calls: Guidance As You Care for a Parent, Spouse or Aging Relative”

  1. Tell us your story, how you came to be an author and keynote speaker on caregiving and aging services.
  2. Caregiving and the family caregiver dynamics. We are becoming a nation of family caregivers.
    1. Caregiving facts and data provided by Aaron
  3. Let’s talk about home care and the make up of the home care workforce.
    • How many hours on avg do caregivers work?
    • Who are home care caregivers?
    • What motivates a home care caregiver? (5 needs discussion here)
  4. Closing thoughts

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