Vince Lombardi held up a football and told his players, “this is a football.” If I were to say, “this is home care,” what do you think we would be holding up? Today still, we would hold up a caregiver. Caregivers ARE home care – simply. All other modalities flow from the caregiver-client relationship. Care at home is changing as the world is changing. If you don’t have a caregiver, you don’t have home care.

When purchasing home care, 45 to 64-year-old females are primarily purchasers of this service, and one thing rules with them: QUALITY. Quality trumps everything. Can a company or individual produce a quality service and deliver that to their mom and dad? Decision-makers want quality above all else.

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In purchasing home care services there aren’t guidelines, only data. Home care in the US is trending towards 30 hours per week on average at roughly $28 per hour. For $3,000 per month on average, families get the service they need, generally the donut hole of when families can’t be there for mom or dad.

Home care begins with a caregiver and a client delivering family-like care producing a quality service. Reach out to HomeCare Advocacy Network to discuss your home care needs, or reach out to us to discuss how you can become the owner of a HomeCare Advocacy Network business, aimed at producing quality home care services for families. Email us today!