Our Culture of Caring

At HomeCare Advocacy Network, care and respect for franchisees, caregivers, and senior clients and their families is our priority. Discover how a strong culture helps our franchisees build better businesses while helping their communities.

A Deep Dive On Our Company Values

Our team, franchise owners, and caregivers all have something in common — we are all dedicated to improving the lives of others. Driven by strong values and a shared vision, we’re always striving to provide exceptional care wherever a senior may call home.

Learn about our values and how they contribute to our strong culture of caring.

Pursue the Genuine Success of Others

When it comes to supporting franchisees, caregivers, clients and their families, we aim to create relationships and environments where everyone can succeed. Senior clients seeking consistent, compassionate care deserve nothing but the best. 

Our ongoing strategic advice for franchisees and world-class training for caregivers ensures their ability to deliver the care that seniors deserve, while achieving their own goals.

Elevate the Privilege of Caregiving

We believe that taking care of others is a privilege, not a burden. This care-first attitude permeates every aspect of our company, and we believe caregivers and the people they serve are the most important aspect of what we do. 

United by this shared priority, our leadership team and franchise owners are serious about building great relationships and improving the experiences of caregivers, office staff, seniors, and families seeking care for aging loved ones.

Embrace Innovation

Embrace Innovation

As medical technologies continue to improve, we believe in letting go of fear and empowering change. Our backbone of successful systems allows franchisees and caregivers to embrace the best of innovations with less risk.

Put Relationships Before Tasks

In every aspect of our business, building and maintaining supportive relationships will always be prioritized over the next task on a to-do list. We believe in going beyond taking care of basic physical and personal needs to also take care of people’s hearts and spirits.

Seniors requiring care and their family caregivers often experience extreme stress, anxiety, or emotional distress from day-to-day responsibilities and as situations change. Pausing our daily routine to meet this with an empathetic ear and reassurance is essential to our mission of improving their lives and experiences.

Our Caregiver Support Fund

We started HomeCare Advocacy Network in 2019, and soon found ourselves operating during the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seniors needed home care more than ever, and professional caregivers pushed through, despite unprecedented circumstances.

We love caregivers and in response to our love of caregivers we started the Caregiver Support Fund, an organization that provides assistance to professional caregivers who have experienced unexpected challenges in their life. We want to improve the lives of those who serve seniors everywhere. When we improve the lives of professional caregivers, regardless of brand, we improve the lives of those we serve across the Home Care industry. Help us help caregivers.

Start Improving Lives

When you join the home care industry, you can’t help but become a force for change. Start the journey to becoming a successful business owner with a great cause by requesting information from our team.