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Our Home Care Services

Nowhere Else is Home

That’s Why I Choose Home Care

With HCAN, I can get the one-on-one care I need in my home. With HCAN’s no minimum required hours, I get the right amount of care for me.
And you can, too, whether it’s a couple of hours a week or 24 hours a day!

I lost my wife two years ago. My HCAN Caregiver Tracy makes it easier to cope.

– Ernie S.

Companion Care

Companion Care is the best option when…

  • You’re experiencing depression and feel alone
  • You’d like someone to check in with how you’re doing both physically and emotionally
  • You want a companion who goes with you to fun social activities
  • “The house is too much” and you need help with cleaning
  • You live with arthritis and can’t make dinner anymore
  • You can’t go downstairs to do the laundry
  • Your eyesight makes it impossible for you to drive
  • You want to maintain your INDEPENDENCE!

Personal Care

Personal Care is the best option when…

  • You’ve suffered a major medical event and are in recovery
  • Getting dressed and ready for the day is a challenge
  • You no longer feel steady on your feet, and your family is concerned
  • A medical professional says you need additional help in the home
  • You need a caregiver to partner with your home health team
  • You have a limited range of motion
  • You need help brushing your teeth or putting in dentures
  • You can’t bend down to pick up fallen items
  • You no longer feel comfortable showering without someone standing by
  • You don’t want to go to a 24/7 rehab center
  • You want to maintain your CONTROL!

I needed Personal Care after my shoulder injury. With HCAN, I made a full recovery in my home, on my terms.

– Valerie B.

Nowhere else is home.


Specialized Care

Specialized Care is the best option when…

  • You live with Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • You are receiving hospice care and need additional support
  • Your family worries about your overall well-being
  • Medical professionals recommend you receive 24-hour care
  • You and your partner both need in-home care
  • You want to live out your life safely in your own home

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