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HomeCare Advocacy Network Omaha
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Connie Pera
Connie Pera
Juli has been easy to work with and very hands on and quick to respond to any questions or issues with mom’s care.
Joyce V. Glenn
Joyce V. Glenn
Wanted to write a few words about Ryan and Juli Gray and why I recommend them to help you with your loved one. I first... met them after retiring from over 40 years of ministry in the Archdiocese of Omaha. My last Commission was as Pastoral Associate at Sacred Heart Church where I served for 30 years. Ryan hired me as a part-time receptionist at Braman Mortuary where I remain beginning my 5th year. Through him I met Juli and their good natured son and daughter.In all honesty, after 40 years of active ministry, Ryan’s work with the bereaved has both moved and inspired me. He is certainly equal to the best priests I ever collaborated with and surpasses many of them. I have witnessed his genuine concern, sensitivity and care to every family that walks through our doors, regardless of background, creed, race, or gender. He has deeply touched me by his constancy in compassion and integrity helping the sorrowful.Juli also shares in these moral, principled and honorable qualities of character. On many occasions Juli also attends to the needs and care of the deceased and their families.Your own family and loved one(s) will experience the utmost respect and reverent care, comfort and courtesy should you choose Home Care Advocacy Network, under the Grays’ ownership, to serve you and your family member in receiving care at home. Their work in serving seniors, and others in need, is truly exemplary and dependable. Without any doubt or hesitation I give them my highest recommendation. Joyce V. Glennread more