Five Ways a Professional Caregiver Can Support Your Senior’s Healthy Habits

Is your dad able to manage multiple medications?

Is your mom eating healthy, nutritious foods?

Are your parents able to safely get in and out of the shower or bath?

“We work with a lot of families who are worried that their aging loved ones are no longer able to keep up with activities of everyday life,” said Sierra Goetz, co-founder, and operations manager at the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). “Most seniors want to live independently in their homes for as long as possible, but they may need a little help overcoming the challenges that come with aging. That’s where we come in.”

HCAN’s professional caregivers support the healthy habits that will help seniors age safely in their homes for as long as possible, including:

Medication Management

Older people tend to take more prescription drugs than younger people because of chronic conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, or diabetes. It’s estimated that almost 90 percent of older adults take at least one prescription drug, almost 80 percent regularly take at least two prescription drugs and 36 percent regularly take at least five different prescription drugs. When you factor in over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements, the rates are even higher. Our caregivers assist with medication management, helping to ensure that medications are taken properly and on time – adhering to any special instructions like taking pills with food, etc.

Healthy eating habits. To ensure seniors are eating regular, nutritious meals, our caregivers assist with tasks like grocery shopping and meal preparation. 

Daily exercise. Regular exercise can improve heart health, strengthen bones, improve flexibility, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and boost a senior’s mood and cognitive function. From warm-weather walks through the neighborhood to Tai Chi, our caregivers can help seniors maintain a regular exercise routine.

Personal Care. Maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene is not only good for a senior’s overall health and well-being, but it’s also great for self-esteem and confidence. Our highly trained caregivers are happy to assist with bathing, dressing, and other elements of personal hygiene. 

Companionship. Life is better with good company, so the companionship of a compassionate caregiver can make a world of difference in a senior’s life. Our caregivers love to play board games, read aloud, share conversations, and more with our clients – helping to keep loneliness and isolation at bay.

“Every senior is different, so we work closely with families to develop customized care plans designed to meet their senior’s unique needs,” Goetz said. “Whether you need us for just a few hours a week or around the clock, we’re here to help.”

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