At the Home Care Advocacy Network, we know caregiving is not just a job – its a calling. Because it takes extraordinary people to do the job, finding and then keeping qualified employees is critical to a companys success.

To help with retention, many companies pursue data-driven models, which is important. However, because this industry is so unique, we believe its even more important to model the following seven needs of an employee to keep them engaged.

1. Honor the foundation

Imagine your favorite celebrity or rock star walking into your office. How would you greet him/her? Honor is as easy as this – simply getting up from your chair and going out of your way to welcome a current employee to your office. Honor shouldnt have to be earned – it needs to be given freely and regularly. Doing so will allow mutual respect to grow in the relationship.

2. Speed to hire the fuel

The speed with which you hire is the barometric pressure sensor of your organization. Some companies allow candidates to languish for weeks before reaching out, connecting or responding to messages. Your future employees are looking for an organization that respects their time and shows great enthusiasm. As business owners or leaders of companies, you shouldnt complain about a labor shortage when candidates arent being treated with genuine interest.

3. Psychological Release

Are your employees able to connect with other employees or their boss at a psychological level? Its important that they know that you will listen when they need to vent and that you will respect their point of view during difficult conversations.

4. Shared values

Do you have values? More importantly, do your employees know what those values are? When you have values in place, and your employees respect and share them, a powerful bond can be established – a bond that endears employees to your company and drives them to fulfill your mission.

5. Veneration and Spiritual Connection

Employees earn psychological income from serving others, and veneration/spiritual values bring the employee experience full circle. At HCAN, we seek to elevate the privilege of caregiving, because we believe we have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of seniors and the families we serve.

6. Money

We all need it. Paying your employees a fair wage helps them pay their bills and shows that you appreciate and value their service.

7. A Positive “Community” Experience

Employees want a sense of community – to know they work for an organization that makes a difference. They gain a sense of pride by being involved in community-building events and culture-shaping activities.

At HCAN, considering these seven needs is critical to our recruitment and retention efforts – something that we believe will help us deliver on our promise to help seniors, their families, and our employees live their best lives.

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