In 1999 I took My First Trip to Hawaii.

Being from the Midwest, I had not been to the ocean very often. Needless to say, I was enamored. We stayed on the Island of Maui and on day 1 all members of our group found out the power of the ocean. We stayed across from what was supposed to be a great “boogie boarding” beach.

We were all newly married and ready to enjoy being in Hawaii for the first time. As we waded out into the water, the beach and the waves did not disappoint. We spent the afternoon face down on our boards enjoying the sun and surf. Late in the day something interesting happened, we found out why where we were at was such a “great” beach. The ocean started to swell, at first the waves were small but they were getting progressively stronger and higher. Finally, out of the blue, a HUGE wave was produced out of our little corner of the island. Not all of the members of our group were out in the water with us at the time, but we were in the water with many locals and well-educated tourists. Most in our group however were not very educated in the ways of the water. It is customary that when a surprise 8-foot wave is coming at you that you do not BRACE yourself for the wave. Bracing for the wave does a couple of things to the normal human being. The first thing that happens when you get hit by a wave of that size is that you get knocked over, the second is that after you get knocked over you get drug under the wave and you end up in an uncontrolled spin pushed back and pulled under in the wake of the monster. When you BRACE for the wave to hit you it becomes a very unpleasant experience, to say the least.

A Wave Is Coming in the Aging Services and Senior Living Field

As we at HomeCare Advocacy Network assess what is happening in the world today, there is a wave that is coming in the aging services and senior living field. Service companies are now able to serve seniors and connect with families earlier in the decision-making process. These families begin the process by offering care in the form of Companionship, Personal Care, and Dementia-Related Care. Care and companionship delivered in the home safely, securely, and simply. These services are growing in popularity and ability to deliver peace of mind to families and seniors. The average number of hours purchased by families is 120 hours per month and all of the hours are one on one, client to caregiver.

The Wave Is Choice

The WAVE that is coming to aging services and senior living is this, CHOICE. For years senior living has been bracing for the waves that have been rolling in. Today, we believe senior living needs to take a new approach to these waves. Going back to our 1999 Hawaii trip, the educated ocean-goers that day did something that we did not do, they dove INTO the wave, they didn’t stand there and wait for the wave to hit them. Diving into a wave makes you a part of the wave, instead of bracing and ending up in the wash (which happened to many of us that day).

Empowering Senior Living Companies

We exist to empower senior living companies to own, operate, and succeed with inhome services and to dive into the wave. We offer the training, development, support, and guidance that is needed to capture relationships, expand the mission, and improve your organization’s overall outlook. By having HCAN assist you in owning and operating your own competitive private duty agency, you position yourself to serve seniors sooner, compete for relationships with families and seniors now and widen the funnel for those who are on their own path looking for solutions for themselves or their loved ones.

Don’t brace for the wave any longer, let us help you dive into it. Start here with our Franchise Opportunities.