Living Past 110? Researchers Say the Odds are Increasing.

Will you live past age 110? How about past 120- or 130-years old?

You may be thinking “Living past 110? Well, researchers say the odds are increasing. It may seem unlikely now, but according to a new study, the odds of becoming a supercentenarian are increasing. According to researchers at the University of Washington, it’s extremely likely that we’ll see the record for the oldest human (currently 122 years and 164 days) broken this century. In addition, there’s a 68 percent probability that someone will reach age 127 and a 13 percent probability that someone reaches 120.

“These new numbers are mind-blowing, but with advances in medicine and lifestyle changes, people are definitely living longer,” said Mark Goetz, co-founder, and president of the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). “That’s one of the reasons we believe that it’s a great time to invest in-home care – the market is about to explode.”

At HCAN, we offer franchise ownership options for service-minded individuals and senior living providers. 

“We’re currently the only franchisor that’s offering both options – the traditional home care franchise and an option that’s tailored specifically for senior living providers,” Goetz said. “With decades of experience in both the senior living and in-home service industries, we understand that, while there are many synergies between the two, they’re really very different. In order to be successful, providers can’t just add home care as an ancillary line. They, instead, need to establish a dedicated home care arm that’s separate, but complementary, to their senior living offerings.”

With HCAN’s business format franchising partnership, we help senior living providers take advantage of the traditional home care model that’s proven to be very successful. Our team provides the world-class training, structure, and system support needed to help providers successfully add a home care division to their business while utilizing their own brand.

Initially, our franchise partnership includes:

  • Business training
  • Brand development guidance
  • Marketing instruction
  • Financial and human resources support
  • Operational software

Our team also provides ongoing, daily support to help senior living franchisees run their home care division. We will be on-site a minimum of three times the first year, two times the second, and one time the third to ensure continued success. 

“In today’s competitive environment, senior living providers are missing an opportunity if they’re not providing in-home services,” Goetz said. “They know senior care. They’re driven to serve others.  And our franchise model, providers can control their own destiny and strengthen their long-term viability.”

To learn how we can help you successfully expand your business without adding brick and mortar, give us a call at (402) 965-0737 or shoot us an email at [email protected]