Life Experience Fuels Sarah Pappas’ Passion for Caregiving

Native Nebraskan, Sarah Pappas, learned about the power of love and the importance of duty toward others at a young age through experience.

“My paternal grandparents emigrated from Greece and opened a restaurant, The Continental, in downtown Lincoln in 1920,” she said. “It was a thriving family business, and I began working there when I was 10-years-old. I was very close to my grandfather, Pete Pappas. He was an incredible man who, along with my parents, helped me understand how to care for others and the importance of providing exceptional 

customer service.”

Sarah carried those lessons with her to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and, upon graduation, began a career in the hospitality industry. She recently retired from a 27-year career as a corporate meeting planner, creating memorable experiences for those she was honored to serve.

“My husband, Jim Christensen, and I are true believers in the power of love and compassionate caregiving,” she said. “When COVID-19 began hitting the elderly particularly hard, we wondered how we could make a difference in the lives of seniors in our community. That’s what led us to the HomeCare Advocacy Network.”

Earlier this month, Sarah opened an HCAN office that serves seniors in Lancaster and Saunders counties. As the franchise owner, she selects and trains caregivers she would want to take care of her own family members – giving them the opportunity to commit to a fulfilling career. She oversees the relationship between caregivers and clients, ensuring a bond of trust and confidence.

While not involved in the day-to-day operation of the franchise, Jim is Sarah’s biggest supporter. Born with severe hemophilia, he is motivated by helping others struggling with their own health concerns. As the owner of inSOURCE Financial Advisors, his clients have trusted him for their financial wellbeing for nearly 40 years. Additionally, inSOURCERx offers a prescription drug discount card for people and pets, sharing the earnings with non-profit organizations.

“I’m very grateful to have the full support of my family,” Sarah said. “And I’m fortunate to be working in a business that allows me to give back to my community, build meaningful relationships and provide exceptional care to the seniors we serve.”

For information about HCAN services and career opportunities in Lancaster and Saunders counties, visit or call 402.287.6171.