Continuous Care at Home: An Unprecedented Opportunity

Senior living providers have an unprecedented opportunity to establish a CCAH service and enter the home care market with the support and guidance of an experienced franchisor. The Home Care Advocacy Network (HCAN), led by executives from both senior living and home care industries, was created to guide and support senior living providers as they enter the home care market to deliver CCAH. There is no other franchisor with such an offering tailored to senior living providers ready to take on the market changes currently at work.

The HCAN offers a white label franchise for senior living providers to introduce home care to their business, which permits senior living providers to dovetail all home care marketing with their existing senior living marketing efforts. Alternatively, the HCAN also permits senior living providers to be licensed to operate as an independently owned and operated franchise of X brand.

The Home Care Advocacy Network brings extensive knowledge and expertise of both senior living and home care industries to its franchise offering.

White Label Branding Model

We have built our brand and offering around what is most important to you, YOUR name and YOUR brand.

If your community is currently called “Heritage Communities” you can be Heritage In-Home Services supported by The Home Care Advocacy Network. Your name, your brand. Built to be competitive with local in-home services providers in all aspects of your business from recruiting, sales and marketing, and finance and operations.

Provide a True In-Home Services Business Structure

Have caregivers check in and out of work shifts both on and off-campus, with their payroll records tied to a billing record. On-demand access to the client’s care plan for family members and ease of interactions with the home services team. Home care operator business training that is evergreen and that exists outside of the silo of the senior living community. Training focuses on the successful running of the business from sales and marketing to operations and finance. Continuous support for the successful operating of the in-home services business by the corporate team at Home Care Advocacy Network. A complementary but separate model that collaborates, shares leads, shares clients, and provides a recruiting pipeline for your community.

Ensure Your Brand’s Success by Capturing Relationships NOW Instead of Letting Someone Else Capture Them

In-home services clients will ONLY be served by someone else, other competitors, unless you step forward and create your own ability to serve families and seniors who are investigating aging in place options Build your own in-home services clientele to control your own future Your organization already does GOOD, with HCAN you are empowered to do MORE GOOD!

An in-home services business offers you many opportunities to serve, grow your own clientele, and to compete locally for client and caregiver relationships, but it’s not easy. Core services and support provided through HCAN should not be underestimated.

Ignoring the Aging in Place Opportunity Doesn’t Change Reality

A senior living organization’s biggest competition is the “home” and the relative freedoms and security the senior’s home offers to the senior and their loved ones. HCAN gives you every opportunity to capitalize on a strong local market presence, the ability to recruit and retain caregivers, successfully provide creative on-site care while creating your own market share for aging in place services off-campus, and helps lead you to overall financial and operational success.

Will you join us in helping deliver the hope of home to others? Contact us today at to discuss franchise opportunities that exist throughout the US, and learn more about our HCAN franchise opportunities here.