Home Is Both a Privilege and a Gift

As a family caregiver, there were some big things that my father-in-law had going for him when his wife was diagnosed with Dementia. Previously I shared that our belief is that home is a gift and that if you are a family caregiver, your ability to deliver “home” to a loved one is a very steep hill to climb but one that is worth climbing. My father in law was able to deliver “home” to my mother in law. Fran, his wife, passed away at home on May 12, 2014, at the age of 62, her 13-year battle. Their battle as a couple had been won.

What did Terry have going for him to help him deliver on the gift of home? First, his wife was TOUGH. Fran was a marathon runner, personal trainer, ate like a world-class athlete, took supplements, and could outperform male and female athletes 30 years younger than her. Heading into a dementia diagnosis, Fran had her health going for her.

Terry Was No different!

Bodybuilding contest winner at the age of 50 and then again at the age of 60. Terry ate like a world-class athlete and trained like one. He had a medical background and was very bright. He was flexible and bold enough to be an entrepreneur so he could make the decision to start his wedding photography business so he would have more time and effort to take care of Fran. Though Terry welcomed this challenge, his story is very telling regarding aging in the world today. The decisions we are faced with when we care for others are not easy ones.

We were fortunate as a family to rally together with Terry to deliver on the hope of home for Fran. To age in place and to deliver “home” it took the re-orienting of a life and career, a committed family, doctors, nurses, and professional caregiving agencies who could help deliver “home” to Fran and Terry.

Delivering “Home” to Committed Families

The HomeCare Advocacy Network now gladly accepts our role in the challenge of delivering “home” to committed families and loved ones who want to give this same gift to those that they love. This is our “why” and what we are so excited about. Will you join us in helping deliver the hope of home to others? Contact us today at partner@hcanthrive.com to discuss franchise opportunities that exist throughout the US, and learn more about our HCAN franchise opportunities here.