HCAN Inspiration

49 years old and diagnosed with dementia, that was my mother in law. It was 2003 and consequently, I had just started at a home care company here in Omaha, NE. My father in law had decisions to make, BIG life decisions. He was 50 years old, facing a future he could not have predicted or even dreamed of. How would he choose to live out the rest of his life?

In part, the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN) Vision begins with the hard, beautiful choice of my father-in-law. There were many that inspired us to create the HomeCare Advocacy Network, but this example gave us the confidence to do what we do.

My father-in-law’s response to the challenge was one that inspires us to this day. He would do whatever it takes to keep my mother in law at home. Right or wrong, he wanted her to be in the place she loved, a place she was familiar with. He would quit his corporate job, start an at-home business doing photography, take care of his wife during the day, and develop pictures at night.

Why Home Care?

Why is the home so powerful and so important to us? The theme of our lives revolves around this concept. Dorothy knew it, and empires have risen and fallen because of it. Home is possibly the most powerful instinct that we have as humans. Home is where the heart is. Home sweet home. Homesick. Home away from home. Home is ingrained in who we are as humans, something my father in law knew this and so did my mother in law, they would do whatever it takes to protect her. Home to my father in law was the final gift he could try and give to her.

The delivery of this gift to my mother-in-law, over time, was what has helped shape the vision of the HomeCare Advocacy Network. We see the opportunity to arm a spectrum of caregivers with hope, high impact resources, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Family caregivers like my father in law need a number of assistance levers to be able to help a loved one age in place. As I look back now on his life I see the things that he did have working in his favor and the things he did not have working in his favor. We would like to share his story and our perspective to help other family caregivers to be able to give and receive that same gift, Home.

Join the HCAN Vision

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